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Swilox GmbH

Swilox is a passwordless SaaS authentication platform to connect businesses and consumers at any off- and online touchpoints.

Businesses with a strong offline presence feel the rising pressure of pure online-players for years. Although most of them are investing in digital measures such as webshops, online portals and digital marketing, they struggle to bring their huge existing customer base from their local store into their online presence. While only new customers are attracted by these digital measures, the companies lose way more customers from their existing offline base - a race against time. According to McKinsey (03/2022, six customer experience pitfalls to avoid) the reason for that is, that “many companies fall into the trap of solving issues around individual touchpoints instead of considering customer experience the way customers do, that is, looking across the entire journey …“ Swilox solves this problem by bringing their anonymous offline customer base with a “one-scan-solution” online and communicating bidirectional with existing marketing tools (i.e. analytics, marketing automation, …). The customer’s smartphone is the key to all the products and services the businesses offer. This allows the business to directly grant the customer access to their digital services in the store, just with the press of a button, and thereby interact with the customer at any touchpoint in a personalized way and without friction. While on the other hand the customers have the freedom to access their services, data, and products at any time, at any place, on any device. With its cutting edge technology Swilox combines secure, GDPR compliant and OpenID conform authentication processes on any device.

Austria, Linz

Part of
Startupnight 2022