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We help people, companies, and institutions to choose a waste-free lifestyle providing data and creating awareness

Re Learn is the first company able to develop a plug&play waste monitoring service to drive companies and municipalities to a reduction of their environmental footprint. Re Learn wants to help visionary companies achieve the ZERO WASTE goal and comply with the SDGs (9,11,12,13). WE MEASURE: the quantity and typology of waste produced by the companies by installing our IoT sensors on your actual bins. We collect data about the company efficiency in terms of waste management operation. WE ANALYZE: the data in order to collect interesting insight about the waste recycling rate quality, the standard error made and the logistic inefficiency. WE EDUCATE : by supporting employees and citizens in a process of environmental awareness, showing them sustainable alternatives to the products they use most. We guide companies in choosing the best CSR strategies to reduce their environmental impact.

Italy, Turin

Part of
Startupnight 2022