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Supporting food brands in the exploration and adoption of circular strategies, and in finding their role to positively contribute to our food systems.

realmatters aims at supporting food businesses on a challenge that many of them face: knowing where and how to start transitioning towards more circular operations in the midst of food systems complexity and the very needed food systems transformations. For that purpose we’ve built a Strategic Design methodology. Through research we have identified 8 key Strategic Design dimensions which all together support companies in entering this new territory, equipping them with methods, mindsets and capabilities that allow them to explore and identify leverage points and pathways towards a circular economy. Depending on the stage where the organizations are at, we design and facilitate activation talks, hands-on workshops and processes that: - make the urgency for change clear, - show what the circular economy means for the food system and the opportunities that lie in a transformation towards more circularity - introduce our Strategic Design methodology and put its methods to use to explore and identify the companies’ circular opportunities and pathways towards circular strategies Daring to innovate towards the food systems of tomorrow requires boldness and tools to navigate uncertainty, and we believe our methodology supports businesses in these transformation processes.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2022