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Panos.AI, the digital advisor for business process automation, helps companies to leverage benefits more successful by combining data, AI & guidance.

Statistics show that while about 80% of the businesses already automate their processes, up to 70% of these projects fail, also bringing satisfaction only to a quarter of the employees. Panos.AI is the place for companies who need guidance on where to start or improve, where to collaborate, how to actually automate business processes and what kind of solutions and partners to use. So it's about picking the right place to start and completing the steps to reach monitored success. It can help companies immediately by allowing decision makers and employees to work with actionable insights. The integrated artificial intelligence already knows the company-specific automation candidates, next steps and matching solutions to be recommended. Compared to traditional solutions like e-learning, data mining software, consulting or searching through online resources, with Panos.AI companies can become more successful easier, faster, cheaper sustainably. To achieve this Panos.AI starts with processing public available company data, which allows immediate access to insights for making decisions, taking next steps and achieving success. By using natural language processing any company in any industry in the world will be able to benefit.

Germany, Berlin/Düsseldorf

Part of
Startupnight 2022