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NOCA mobility

NOCA mobility builds the market network for the cycling industry to enable more sustainable urban mobility.

"The cycling sector experienced a very unexpected boom during the recent Corona years. While the popularity of cycling rose and is here to stay, the industry now faces the challenge to keep the momentum going and establish itself as an economically viable and sustainable alternative to other modes of transport. Especially the cargo bike segment is a driver of growth and sustainability. While the segment is relatively new, it sustains a growth of 50% yoy. Yet, cycling solutions need to prove their durability and cost-effectiveness. One of the main levers to achieve this is the supply chain. Starting out as a digital purchase association for cargo bike components, NOCA offers a search engine and eCommerce solution for bicycle OEMs to find, evaluate and procure components digitally. By partnering with component suppliers and bundling orders from OEMs, NOCA offers better prices and an efficient procurement process. Connected to the online shop is the NOCA Portal - a SaaS solution for efficient procurement management that allows users to communicate with partners and customers, track their orders and components digitally, and gain market insights through a data dashboard. In the future, more and more bicycle categories (eBike, mountain bike, etc.), as well as more and more market actors (suppliers, assemblers, OEMs, service providers) will be added to the network to allow for more efficiency and transparency along the supply chain. As a result, NOCA will evolve into the global market network of the cycling industry to drive digitalisation, cooperation, and professionalisation."

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2022