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Noah Labs

Noah Labs develops a machine learning-based software for telemonitoring of cardiovascular patients.

At Noah Labs, our vision is to enable cardiovascular patients to live longer and happier despite their condition. We develop an AI-powered health analytics platform that combines smart biosensors, machine learning software, and a mobile app for patients. Through digital biomarkers, the system predicts the onset of medical deterioration in advance of a cardiac event, alerts health care providers accordingly, and guides intervention with drug-based therapy optimization. The modular infrastructure allows for adaptions to varying settings. The 'Chronic Disease Management' setup entails continuous monitoring, medication adherence, and patient education. The 'Hospital-at-Home' setting connects clinicians with patients for remote care through virtual wards to avoid hospital stays. The 'Medication Companion' supports drug-based therapy with digital tools, and the 'Digital Clinical Trials' module facilitates clinical studies with faster recruitment, remote monitoring, and accessible data.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2022