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NATE-Native Tech Education

We are empowering people to thrive in their digital careers. Our education approach builds tech literacy for a non technical audience.

Digital/Tech human capital is going to be one of the most scarce resources of the next 15 years to come. While at the same time there is no education available in the field of Digital/Tech for the broad audience (not developers). We are delivering an emulated learning experience. Our participants are organised in cohorts, they get exposed to top practitioners and challenges that make them apply the theoretical frameworks right-away. Our cohorts deal with topics along the career paths of most people - product, data, marketing-tech, fin-tech. Participants of our first cohorts come from: OBI Next, Reply, Vodafone, Simplinic, Truenode, DHL, Aborise, Cocus AG, Klett, Iskander, Accenture, etc. Customers: We are targeting companies and individuals that have a need to evolve further into the tech world. Our ideal personas are consultants, non-tech startup founders, product managers and sales managers in SaaS companies. We have identified the need from our own experience, started working on a concept and showed first promising results. We are bootstrapping because we believe education needs time and dedication to a specific conviction. We are not in it for the money, but we want to help people who struggle with their own development path.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2022