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malu nutrition GmbH

We exist to make the tomorrow more nutritious - in a savoury way. Creating savoury and yummy bars is our doing.

Revolutionize the snack world with innovative snacks and have a positive and lasting impact on people's health without sacrificing anything. Creating the optimal alternative to chips, pretzel sticks and snacks from the bakery with savoury, healthy, plant-based and nutrient-rich snacks. It's time to combine nutritious and healthy with savoury cravings - without a guilty conscience. I'm Marie, 28 years old, a nutritionist and have a mission - to make the food industry a little bit cleaner and more sustainable with hearty bars from malunt and to show that healthy eating is delicious, can be fun and can be medicine.

Germany, Georgsmarienhütte

Part of
Startupnight 2022