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Just Nosh

A female led, plant based food snack brand providing nutritious Indian origin snacks to European consumers. Better for nature, better for everyone!

Snacking mostly means the use of highly processed raw materials and additives. On the other hand, consumers today are more and more interested in a healthy way of snacking. We want to offer consumers a happy snacking experience and give our producers access to a new market. Our products are natural and not refined snack products with Indian origin. The idea of Indian snacks comes from my childhood. We always had "lotus pops" at home and my mother would lightly heat them in a pan and add spices. The snack was especially popular with my international friends, so I wanted to bring this nutritious, natural and light snack to Europe. The unique part is that it is a wholesome snack with a clean label that keeps your post guilty feelings away.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2022