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inSTREAMLY builds the backbone for creator monetization from brands in the metaverse.

Product: We allow brands to easily connect with hundreds of live creators at the same time - made possible by our scalable, automated technology. Traction: In 2021, we achieved crucial milestones on our mission to become the backbone of live streaming. We generated 1.5m euro revenue, which equates to 250% growth YoY with an average growth of 30% QoQ. We helped sign over 120,000 sponsorships between live creators and brands - 720% YOY growth. We onboarded 45,000 creators on the platform - 600% YOY growth. We conducted +200 sponsorship campaigns in 12 countries for +100 brands like Netflix, Adidas, Samsung, Sony. Co-created an award-winning gaming marketing campaign in Europe, where the brand message and graphics reacted depending on what happened in the streamed game. We aim to scale this solution in 2022. Why now: Digital advertising spend is projected to grow $490bn in 2021 to $785bn in 2025. As consumers move to the metaverse, media spending in the space will increase sharply Reaching niche communities is already in brands interest as 82% of consumers are ‘highly likely’ to follow a recommendation made by a micro-influencer But it’s too time consuming to work with niche creators directly) Brands see streaming as a key medium to engage with Gen Z, but have limited ways to work with streamers. Why us: We are the global leader in the market, delivering sponsorships for the long tail of live stream creators, instead of focusing on the top 0.1% that other platforms focus on. Founders and team are a great mix of gaming, esports, streaming and media professionals.

Poland, Warsaw

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