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dotch GmbH

Dotch brings Circular Economy into food retail. We are implementing a reuse system for oil bottles (olive oil, rape seed oil, sunflower seed oil).

Germany is a perfect place to start reuse systems: a lot of infrastructure exists already due to the reuse systems and deposit obligation on single use bottles in drinks. However reuse systems for packaged food are not common yet, apart from milk products. At the same time there is a huge momentum of consumers who are aware of the waste problems, politics trying to reduce CO2 emissions and becoming independent from foreign gas supply. It is the perfect timing for reuse which tackels all those problems. But our aim is even larger: we want to change largely linear processes to a truly circular economy. It is not just about oil bottles, it's about the system and understanding of ressources. We are pursuing a holistic approach and establishing long term cooperations with German food retailers (for the start, with possibility expanding to other European countries). Producers and food retailers understand the necessity of changing their linear processes and it is just a matter of time until the EU commission and the German government will execute corresponding guidlines and laws if more ecological approaches are available. We are keen on providing those alternatives. Dotch is in the process of developing a new standardized reusable bottle for oils and vinaigars. Oil producers and sellers will be able to use the bottle pool as they are used to but instead of buying the bottles, paying us a usage fee. We as pool providers will be taking care of the empties (collection, transportation, cleaning, renewed distribution) as they are returned by the consumers via the deposit return systems (DRS) or other channels. We are funded by Exist in 2022 which helped us to start a small pilot with our own oil brand "Pfandöl" in reusable bottles to track directly the willingness of the consumers to use such a system apart from drinks, establish retail and producer relationships, partner up with companies offering cleaning facilities - in short, preparing for the real pool. And this is precisely what we are looking for: partners with expertise in food retail and logistics to consult us along the way as well as funding of about 300-400 Thousand € in 2023 for building up our B2B bottle pool, preferably Business Angels who understand the case and can accompany us in the journey.

Germany, Berlin

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