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Document your meeting without even typing! DocVox takes care of creating notes, tasks, to-dos or follow-ups for you, so meetings regain their pupose.

DocVox offers a user-friendly web application that takes care of logging a virtual meeting with the participants. The meeting wizard, autonomously documents the discussed content to intensify the interaction among the participants. The focus of the meeting participants is increased and results in increased interaction. The main problem in meetings is the high demands on the meeting participants in task management and multitasking. The loss of information is often the result of the complexity and variety of topics; therefore, the recording of meeting results is poor and prone to errors. This problem is addressed by DocVox's smart meeting assistant. The software provides an overview of the content of past meetings, increases the productivity of meetings and saves time in the implementation of discussed content. In addition, it creates a clear follow-up and facilitates task management with direct integration into task management tools.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2022