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Caster provides high quality and various virtual assistant services.

Caster provides high quality and various outsourcing services, Caster biz, for countless entrepreneurs and startups since 2014, helping every professional to focus on important tasks while Caster biz did all the other chores. Outsourcing has been considered as an expensive and painful process especially for SMBs. Clients need to go through the designing and quotation processes before starting the service. Also, it is very likely that outsourcing companies require a minimum number of resources (usually minimum of 3-5FTE per month) . If you are not the lucky one, sometimes it can be even more time and budget consuming to check on the results that are below expectation. Caster biz dedicated every client to a “front” person, who clarifies the tasks, work format and passes the tasks to the right one from over 500 assistants pool, ensuring clients could have those chores be done on time with best quality.

Japan, Miyazaki

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