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CALIRING is a multiuse, ergonomic, and easy-to-carry training device that helps athletes to progress efficiently in their training.

We love sports and are very passionate about our first product. We believe that developing this ergonomic and complete exercise device will help a lot of people on their journey to a healthy and strong body. We are currently accelerating within the MakeUp HardTech Innovation Program at MotionLab Berlin. This gave us a huge boost in developing our first prototypes, testing with customers, growing our team, and developing our business. We recently started to build our CALIRING community to help people to get to the next level and keep them away from injuries and limitations, helping them to achieve their next goals. Together with our scalable digital training plans, this is the perfect device for everyone who wants to get unlimited fit everywhere. In 3 weeks we are going to launch our Kickstarter Campaign so we can get our first product to the world. Upon feedback, we will develop our next product iteration, the CALIRING PRO which is a smart sensor-assisted device that is helping a far broader audience to develop and also recover their health.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2022