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Brea Health GmbH

The Brea app is a mobile solution that accompanies & supports breast cancer patients of all ages and genders holistically and sustainably.

In Germany around 70,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer. In 2018, Jessica Biastoch, one of the three founders of Brea Health GmbH, got diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of only 29. Based on her experiences, the idea arose to develop a really helpful solution for those affected. The idea for the Brea app was born. In 2020, Brea Health GmbH was founded by Jessica Biastoch (CEO & Founder), Sarah Jankowsky (COO & Co-Founder) and Daniel Marschner (CTO & CO-Founder and former Co-Founder of Wunderlist sold to Microsoft), based in Berlin. The company is developing the Brea app as its first product. The Brea app is a mobile solution that accompanies and supports those affected of breast cancer of all genders and every age holistically and sustainably from the time of diagnosis through the phases of therapy and aftercare. The app focuses on four main areas: organization, patient diary, mental health and information. Over the past year, we have developed a holistic oncological needs analysis with the help of medical professionals. This follows the guidelines of the working group for gynecology and oncology. Our main focus within the app is the consideration and full focus on the individual journey of each patient and on the existing gaps in our care system. With the Brea app, we are able to offer those affected the information and support services that are relevant and will create a real added value to them.

Germany, Berlin

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