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International business platform to connect UA economy internationally and let even small business take part of economical boost of Marshall Plan

Yuliia, our Co-Founder, is a refugee from Ukraine. Therefore it was easy for us to interview people in Ukraine, what important problems they see after the victory in the war. This is

  • unemployment
  • destroyed cities.
  • lack of resources in different directions.

In Germany we interviewed people about different problems in different structures
Its lack of

  • Young engineers
  • Nursing staff
  • Qualified persons in many sectors

So we decided to create a platform which will help people to find jobs in other countries, to organize supplies and to expand business by one click. So the threshold for business on both sides the of the border will be lowered even for small business:

  • a small manufactory from Ukraine gets the opportunity to import goods without customs bureaucracy to EC in one click
  • a large production of modular houses from Germany has the ability to deliver quickly to the construction in Ukraine,
  • young talented engineers get opportunity to work in EU staying in Ukraine without barriers for a certain time.

This services offered by BIMEXA are pure gold for both parts, so all users will benefit greatly.

The monetarization of BIMEXA is organized by charging fees for every transaction made through the platform. Additional services for transfer, credit placement, insurance, storage and transportation are offered and paid for separately.
We will be adding other services for other countries to grow in the next years.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2022