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aidable supports parents in dealing with their child's eating disorder.

When a child is diagnosed with an eating disorder, parents are usually worried, if not panicked. Especially in the time after the therapy, when the support by the therapist breaks away and the ill person comes back home, parents feel overwhelmed and helpless. The parents do not receive any information or support for the upcoming time at home. If pathological behaviors then occur again more frequently, the parental instinct switche to helping their child and thus protecting their health.So far, parents have been left alone in this situation, which is also stressful for them, and are not perceived as potential supporters. Yet studies show that the behavior of parents has a decisive influence on the course of recovery of those with the disease. Another reason why there is a need for a support service for parents is the psychological stress they experience when dealing with an eating disorder. If their child suffers, the parents usually feel bad as well. Often their sole focus is on the child's recovery, so they do not set their own boundaries and do not take sufficient care of their own needs. We have therefore developed an online course that supports the parents with those problems. Our goal is to positively influence the life of the ED-sufferers, their parents and the relationship in the familys.

Germany, Berlin

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