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a2zebra GmbH i.G.

a2zebra develops haptic tablet games. Your child learns maths through play without realizing it is maths.

My name is Elisha.My co-founder Rosa and I founded a2zebra and are part of the Start-up Incubator Berlin. During lockdown, my nephew's school was closed and we went to BER airport to count planes and learn maths that way. That's when I asked myself: How can we make education tangible? Maths in particular is a big challenge for children. Parents spend 1.4 B EUR per year on tutoring (GER). The best way to learn maths is to play dice games. However, children are more interested in learning and playing on tablets nowadays. Our company a2zebra combines digital versions of learning stories and games like "Mensch ärgere Dich nicht" with a magic dice cup. Behind this is an innovative sensor technology. The dice cup is connected to the tablet via Bluetooth and therefore always knows the correct number of dice and calculation result. As a company a2zebra wants to make digital education tangible and enable each child in world to experience primary education through a playful journey.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2022