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Zwarttech, a social impact company bridging the tech gap between Africa and the West!

Zwarttech engages expert senior software developers and other IT-related positions from Africa with Western companies on a remote basis. With access to affordable and Senior Software Experts & CyberSecurity Specialists in geographical & cultural proximity, we enable flexible scaling of IT departments and mitigate the risks in hiring them. 

Zwarttech a global tech company, with its headquarters in the Netherlands, is social impact-driven. By rendering innovative IT out-staffing and outsourcing services, we aim to generate sustainable benefits for Africa and the West and bridge the rising tech gap between the continents. We empower African Software and IT Experts to seize high-quality employment opportunities in the global IT market and collaborate with partners worldwide on an equal and fair basis. 

Similarly, we address economic growth and development in Africa. Zwarttech believes that this is the right time for Africa to converge with the rest of the world regarding living and economic growth standards. The Zwart Talent Foundation thus, advances the education and empowerment of African IT talent to build the next generation of IT Experts. Through the achievement of our goals, Zwarttech will be contributing to 8 out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the UN, further aiding a sustainable change in Africa.

Netherlands, Den Haag

Part of
Startupnight 2021