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WEFOOT Technology

WEFOOT specializes in non-slip solution applied in & out of the socks asymmetrically with special material polyurethane foam. Better&Safer With WEFOOT

WEFOOT started with the founder's understanding in polyurethane as he had experience working in 3M Korea and SK UTIS, shock resisting polyurethane foam producing firms. He decided to apply to sports socks finding out that polyurethane keeps its non-slip functions in water. Now, WEFOOT is working to grow as a global footwear brand, producing non-slip socks and insoles.
Our feet consist of 2% of body surface, but support the rest, making the feet is one of the most important roles. So, to make sound body, you must have a comfortable feet. WEFOOT Non-Slip Solution makes our feet safe and calm, making our body healthy. It also minimizes the slips and shocks arise during sports or daily activities preventing fatigues, pains and injuries.
WEFOOT has both Sports and Life Style of socks. Therefore, WEFOOT can breakthrough various markets such as workers in office or outside, elders, infants, and those who has difficulties in walking. WEFOOT can apply its solution to all this market. WEFOOT is in the progress of inventing a developed solution to be applied in pilates, yoga socks as well as in grip gloves in golf and baseball. 
With high potential growth and markets that WEFOOT Non-Slip Solution can be applied, WEFOOT has high hopes reaching goal sales of 1 million dollar this year, and 450 million dollar in 2023 as WEFOOT enters pilates, golf and overseas markets.

South Korea, Bucheon

Part of
Startupnight 2021