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ST3P foods POUNDO MAIZE is made from organically high - quality ingredients fortified with protein which makes it nutritious and easy to digest.

St3p engineering Nigeria ltd is into the business of food processing and production and our main product Is POUNDO MAIZE. We came up with this solution when we carried out a research on protein deficiency in the carbohydrate or swallow consumed in Nigeria. There is an obvious gap in protein consumption across Nigeria with a capital daily intake lower than the global standard and household income levels is the main hindrance to adequate intake of protein in the country in line with the research made 7 in 10 household in our sample population does not include protein in their meal. So, we came up with the idea of fortifying the swallow or carbohydrate with protein to meet the average daily requirement of protein.  

Nigeria, Abuja FCT

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Startupnight 2021