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Solutions for a safe digital life online with the help of innovative technologies like Distributed Identity and Verifiable Credentials

Digital Credentials made Easy

As the world shifts from physical to digital, finding secure and trusted ways of verifying digital credentials or securely exchanging data is becoming a necessity for both businesses and governments alike.
Digital Credentials are here to stay. With the announcement of EUeID in 2021 - a Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) based framework for the issuing of digital documents - it’s clear that we are on the brink of a revolution in how we produce and verify digital documents. We are already seeing institutions and incumbents like IATA, and the Province of British Columbia in Canada using verifiable digital credentials technology for the issuance and verification of digital documents. And this is just the start. To keep up with these fast-moving changes, companies and institutions will need to get in on this technology, or they will be left behind. Paper will soon become a thing of the past. But how can a company access this technology without having to invest huge resources and build new teams?
Simple. With the help of Soverio.

Established in 2020, Soverio creates and develops complex cutting-edge digital credential solutions for their clients that are easy to use. All of Soverio’s solutions are tailor-made to meet the exact needs of the client, and purpose-built so that even the least digitally skilled person can use them. All our products are cloud-native, low-cost, and perfectly suited to a wide range of businesses and institutions.
We can cover the issuance and verification of digital all forms of credentials, identities, and certifications for the purpose you require.

Digital solutions for a digital world

Soverio offers tailor-made, cost-efficient solutions that every enterprise requires to complete their digital transformation. 
If you need to issue digital documents or verify digital documents - come and talk to us. Here are some examples of how we can help.
We can already see verifiable digital credentials being rolled out worldwide in the form of vaccination certificates, but this is only one of the hundreds, if not thousands of applications.
For example, such a digital document approach that follows SSI principles could enable car manufacturers, for instance, to install a variety of features in their cars that can be unlocked at any point after purchase, as well as to easily transfer ownership rights to new owners, whether permanent or temporary.
And as regards the automotive industry, this technology can also be used by manufacturers of driverless vehicles, allowing for hassle-free travel across state borders. Just think about it, when a driverless car arrives at customs, there has to be a secure means of identifying its owner and checking whether it’s been issued all the requisite travel authorizations. With the use of digital credentials, all of this can be accomplished in an instant and with relative ease.
Whatever your need, we’ve got just the solution for you.

Turnkey services for businesses of all sizes

In addition to custom-made solutions, we offer four hosted service packages designed to improve business security, boost operational efficiency, and streamline digitization.
Soverio Gateway KYC (SG KYC) is designed for banks and other financial market participants subject to stringent KYC and AML regulations. Based on the Salesforce Customer 360 platform, SG KYC facilitates the required procedures by switching them to digital, reducing associated costs, and increasing flexibility. More than that, SG KYC opens the door to new services and revenue streams that current technologies simply don’t allow for.
Soverio Gateway IoT is a cloud-based solution to implementing digital identities for robots, autonomous vehicles, smart household devices, or sensors. Soverio Gateway IoT enables companies to create secure identifiers for interconnected, smart objects in an innovative way without any significant capital investment or in-depth technical knowledge.
Soverio Gateway Payments was created to assist innovative FinTech startups and well-established institutions within heavily regulated financial markets. The former generally face challenges due to insufficient knowledge and capital, while the latter often stumble because of their lack of flexibility in the face of rapidly changing market dynamics.
To address both issues, we propose a white label solution that connects to the existing back-end of your bank through an API, giving you the opportunity to develop advanced web and mobile services at a low cost.
Soverio Gateway Certificates aims to replace paper- and plastic-based certificates that are still used by countless businesses around the world, even though they are easy to tamper with and forge. To prevent the resulting (often enormous) losses, we’ve developed a cloud-native, solution that allows our clients to issue a wide variety of secure digital certificates within seconds. 
All the requisite verification procedures are secure, simple, and convenient, and the solution itself can be integrated with existing systems to issue certificates automatically.

Stay ahead of the times

Rather than something that might happen decades from now, the digital revolution is already upon us. And yet, many companies are still reluctant to take the plunge, which gives you a unique opportunity to pull ahead of the pack. 
To make that a reality, however, you’ll need a trusted partner to help you navigate the complex digital environment and make sure that profit doesn’t come at the expense of security and convenience.

Ready to join the revolution? Then give us a call and let’s figure out the best way forward together!

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