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Science Viz Studio

We are Improving the Health care system by integrating MR/XR into medical doctors' educations, daily practices, and the tools they use.

Science Viz Studio was built by medical doctors for medical doctors. Our goal is to leverage the power and advancement of mixed reality to improve the Health care system as a whole. We aim to achieve our vision by making medical doctors the center of our focus, while accompanying them from their education to their daily practice, passing by the tools they use.
1- Education & training (targeting medical schools and educational institutes)
Science Viz Studio will accompany MDs in their educational journey from medical school to hospital training. 
We will give medical students the opportunity to discover the human body anatomy and functions while interacting with a perfectly detailed and almost authentic 3D model, giving them an accurate method for spatial comprehension and elements memorization without using cadavers or other costly props. Since all their senses are implicated, the information will be better integrated into their memory. 
We are also creating virtual simulations for different medical real-life scenarios, which will help medical students make rapid decisions while confronting a wide variety of medical situations, sometimes rarely encountered in real practice. These simulations will allow them to make their first mistakes without taking risks, helping them to learn from their own mistakes without the stressful feeling of real life-threatening failures.
2- Medical Tools (targeting medical and healthcare companies). 
The healthcare system is always evolving and changing due to rapid technological advancement, this evolution always leads to changes in the actual medical tools and in many cases creates new ones, and it’s always up to medical doctors to try and stay up to date. 
We are optimizing medical doctors' adaptation to these new tools and changes by working on two stages: 
- Working with healthcare and medical tools manufacturers to help them showcase their latest products to their customers in a cost-effective and interactive fashion without the need for heavy equipment or preparing real-life scenarios or mannequins.
- When the customers decide to integrate these new medical tools in their workplace, Science Viz Studio will help them train the medical staff on how to fully use the product in an immersive and effective life-like scenario. 
The two key advantages of our method over the traditional methods are, first, giving doctors all the benefits of a mixed reality training simulation, and second, the ability to repeat the simulation as many times as needed, until becoming familiarized with the new tools and techniques, while avoiding any additional costs and time-waste.
3- Daily Practice (targeting clinics and hospitals). 
After their graduation and in their work field, doctors face multiple challenges. At Science Viz Studio we are working at giving them two solutions for two of these challenges.
First challenge: surgeons and endoscopists may often face some difficulties while doing rare procedures or using unusual or new medical instruments. At MedAR we want to help doctors in simplifying their tasks when performing such complicated surgical and endoscopic procedures. We will assist them in the operation room via interactive visualization to rapidly get useful practical guidance when needed.
Second challenge: in the majority of cases, patients have no or minimal medical knowledge, these situations make the work of doctors more challenging because they are always trying their best to explain to the patients their condition and the details of the operation they want to perform. So to make their work easier we will offer simplified MR visualizations of these complex medical terms and cases.

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