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LoveLane helps couples create happy and lasting relationships by gamifying relationship therapy.

60% of couples are dissatisfied with their relationship. Everyone knows love is work, but no one REALLY wants to work for it. Eventually couples end up in relationship therapy only when it’s too late, or they split. This is just one reason why relationship therapy is not working.

LoveLane is your friend in the pocket – in good and bad times. Our playful app makes it fun to improve your relationship yourselves and if needed, you can message a relationship coach/ therapist. 

How it works: With your partner, you choose your LovePet – your “Tamagotchi of Love”. Your LovePet helps you be mindful of your relationship and can be happy, sad or angry. Keep it happy by doing little exercises for your relationship, within our app. 

By gamifying relationship therapy, we help couples create happy and lasting relationships – in a fun, easy, cheap and effective way.

Our online user tests have shown us that there is a huge interest, with CTRs of up to 10% for an Email sign-up. Since we started in April, we have built a working App that we are now testing with users. Our next steps are to further evolve our product, build out our marketing channels and broaden our user base to get ready for funding.

Germany, Berlin

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Startupnight 2021