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Lenzbox GmbH

LENZBOX develops next-generation contact lens care systems for utmost convenience, ready to be the key digital companion for tomorrow’s smart lenses

Contact lens users knows how inconvenient but important the regular lens cleaning process is. Just as annoying are the many individual parts that you always have to take with you. LENZBOX solves this pain. Developed together with renowned scientists, ophthalmologists, and contact lens manufacturers, LENZBOX is the new stylish home for all contact lenses: optimal cleaning at the touch of a button - convenient, easy, and safe. At the push of a button, the lenses are automatically cleaned with the fluid from the cartridge and stored hygienically. The cartridge is easily replaced every two weeks. No more manual handling of fluid and contact lens boxes, and no more risk of contaminated lenses that can lead to dangerous eye infections - excellently cleaned lenses, hygienic storage, and maximum convenience with just one click.
The business model is highly attractive: the sales price of the LENZBOX covers production, distribution and customer acquisition costs, and the regular repurchase of the patented cartridges with cleaning fluid ensures recurring sales with a high margin.

Germany, Wiesbaden

Part of
Startupnight 2021