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A collaboration platform for scalable innovation ecosystems

EnterpriseUP is a SaaS white-label modular platform that enables organisation of each size and purpose to build a digital innovation ecosystem platform to manage all the stakeholders and assets of the internal and external innovation ecosystem. We are building a network of interoperable globally connected innovation marketplaces and connect people, their knowledge, products & services, data and manage transactions within and among ecosystems. EnterpriseUP platform abolishes innovation silos and maps the capabilities in innovation network, supports cultural transformation of the organisation and also its partners and customers and reduces the effort and costs of setting up and managing an ecosystem. 

With EnterpriseUP platform you can:

  • generate revenues through integrated partner offerings
  • connect all your innovation communities in one platform
  • build and innovation knowledge hub
  • run & scale global remote innovation programs
  • expand portfolio through value added services
  • easily connect to other innovation ecosystems
  • build a launchpad for your digital products
  • find and hire tech, talent & experts globally
  • integrate your existing innovation platforms and enterprise collaboration tools
  • upgrade your dealflow

Germany, Bonn

Part of
Startupnight 2021