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Ecosilico developing innovative recycling technologies to tackle the various industrial waste type with focus on producing high added value materials

We see a significant growth of renewable energy worldwide to achieve desired target of renewable energy. Therefore, solar and wind energy will play significant role solving the puzzle. The solar plants will generate 1630 GW by 2030. The average life of solar panel is around 25 years thus we are expecting vast volume of  8 mln tons of wasted pv panels by 2050. Unfortunately, not all the components of PV panels can be recycled into reusable materials some of them like crushed silicone sent to landfill as there are no value or applicable technologies to process it. We want to change this practice that put recycling companies at risk of fines and pose hazards to environment. With our technology the percentage of recycled materials of end-of-life PV panels will reach potentially 100%. 

Russia, Moscow

Part of
Startupnight 2021