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BäckerAI (PlanerAI GmbH)

The baker bakes, the BaeckerAI plans. Our vision is that no more buns end up in the trash unnecessarily.

BäckerAI uses Artificial Intelligence to learn cost-optimal order quantities for each product from past sales and external features such as weather and calendar data.

Our software integrates directly with all major POS systems and can be used online or as an app on a tablet or smartphone. 
BäckerAI can be used easily and intuitively from any branch. No special IT knowledge or specific training is required.

Why BäckerAI?

  • Higher sales thanks to better availability of goods
  • Less time is required thanks to automated processes
  • Fewer returns thanks to intelligent order quantity optimization 

Germany, Wuerzburg

Part of
Startupnight 2021