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visionE GmbH

We build a new fully digital e-commmerce platform for two-wheeled e-mobility and offer the first interactive􏰂 curative purchasing process.

visionE develops a new fully digital e-commerce platform for electric two-wheeled mobility. While e-mobility is still struggling for market shares in the automotive world, it is already well-established in the two-wheeled world. Electric scooters are widely available and especially small urban scooters have conquered the streets of the major cities all over the world. However, as the market is evolving, the number of vehicles and manufacturers keeps increasing, with more and more cross-segment vehicles emerging. The increasing supply and the creation of new segments makes it nearly impossible for consumers to understand the market and keep an overview.

Therefore, we will offer the first e-commerce solution in the market to guide the customer to a purchasing decision in an interactive and fun way. Thereby, we always find the right product for the customer and he/she in fact enjoys the process as well. In addition to the curative purchasing process, we will also provide detailed, relevant information about the industry and all things the customer needs to know. We will do this through social media (marketing) as well as our own blogs and newsletters.

It is obvious that customers are struggling to find the right products, however, at the same time, (the mostly new) manufacturers are facing the challenge of not having an established dealership network and the shift to digital selling. Therefore, manufacturers are more than ever searching for new ways to reach customers and market their products effectively. We will give these manufacturers a new platform to showcase and sell their products. Through the curative purchasing process, visionE produces highly qualified leads at a lower cost than established physical dealerships.

Thus, we provide a win-win solution for both customers and manufacturers.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2020