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spotilike GmbH

The spotilike app supports local businesses in digitalization.The main function, our bonus system, serves as a basis for further marketing functions.

Spotilike supports local businesses (gastronomy, retail, service providers) in digitalization and strengthens them in competition with online commerce. With the help of the spotilike app, the local stores are able to use the efficient methods of online marketing also stationary to increase the frequency in their own store and collectively in the whole city. One of the main functions of the spotilike App is the digital bonus system. This feature enables every retailer to offer his customers an individual and cost-effective bonus card. Furthermore, the retailer has the possibility to address his own customers and the users of the spotilike app with push messages directly on the smartphone. In addition to the digital bonus card and the possibility to send push messages to the customers phones depending on their location, the spotilike app will be equipped with further functions in the future, such as mobile payment and a digital receipt.

Germany, Bonn

Part of
Startupnight 2020