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Speakhub is an integrated podcast audience interaction platform. It enables podcasters to create a 2-way communication channel with their listeners

Podcast listenership is growing. 51 % of US population have listened to a podcast with estimated 90 million people listening to a podcast in the last month. On average listeners listen to 7 podcasts each week.
74 % listeners say they hear podcast for learning something new. There has been an exponential increase in podcast listenership for business and career development and for self-improvement.
Podcast listeners struggle to get follow up information beyond the episode. Interaction with the host is often spread across multiple channels.
Listeners have a less than ideal user journey but the biggest losers are the podcasters.
Businesses creating podcasts loose opportunity to engage with the listeners, understand them and convert them to business leads.

Speakhub is an integrated platform which provides all the tools to business to meaningfully engage with their listeners.
Podcasters can provide their audience with additional content (blogs and articles, long form content), showcase their paid services, interact with your audience with feedback, polls, AmAs, and build a community.

Germay, Berlin

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Startupnight 2020