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Siraj technologies

Siraj technologies is a software development startup aimed at enabling seamless adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies through unified data structure

Siraj Technologies is a start-up software engineering company specializing in industrial connectivity. As industry 4.0 is focused on the value of data, we aim to seize the full potential of this data by understanding it and standardizing it. Our solution, Automatic Connectivity Generator, leverages AI to automate the onboarding process of sensors, which eliminates the need to manually write customized software also called adapter or drivers.

By leveraging AI and ML methodologies, extracted data is automatically organized into a standard unified format suited for any destination, regardless of the original data format, and categorized by source. Therefore, manufacturers will no longer need manually developed data converters. In addition, our solution will shorten IoT solutions implementation time and lower implementation costs.

Israel, Beer sheva

Part of
Startupnight 2020
Startupnight 2019