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Innovation project for 1.3 billion people with disability

RoomForWork International Social community platform can help determine the right jobs for the right people with disabilities and autism.

A brief explanation of our innovation process;

New opportunities are changing the world for work and especially the forgotten 1.3 billion people with autism or disability. The transitions marked a new economic concept for innovation in social media.
There are countless ways to improve the quality of life for autism and people with disabilities to choose, to close the gender gap, to eliminate the damage caused by global inequality, and much more.

However, this does not happen automatically, it can only be done by joining forces. Without decisive goals, we enter a world that increases existing inequalities and uncertainties.
Technological advancements - artificial intelligence, automation - will create new jobs, but those who lose their jobs during this transformation are vulnerable and inexperienced to take advantage of the new opportunities, especially those with autism and disabilities, that need to be supported in the future economy.

Today's skills do not fit the jobs of tomorrow and newly acquired skills can quickly become outdated as technology intelligence is the future and RoomForWork Enterprise will operate in MedTech & EdTech.
The current innovative projects of our economies will create millions of jobs, but the vulnerable groups will be left behind.
Changes are needed because of the current labor markets and social security systems, but these shifts are new opportunities to provide support and inclusive, active societies.
We must take advantage of the opportunities that these transformative changes bring to create a better future for people with disabilities who provide economic security, equal opportunity, and social justice, which is a huge challenge - and ultimately strengthens the fabric of today's societies.

The European Commission:
RoomForWork has a solution and the European Union government has commissioned an independent company to provide the necessary documents for a Grant application that is in the final phase.
Because governments play an important role, especially in the EU, the required investment amount from the government is an important step in the right direction.

The only thing I run into is the COVIC-19 which has priority and the expectation is that the Grant will not be available until April 2021
On the advice of the European Union government and my Deloitte advisors, I am looking for strategic partners who can play an important role in this innovation process to support people with disabilities worldwide.

The World Bank:
We are negotiating with the World Bank, they have a number of programs, mostly in IDA countries / fragile states. NGOs with such a "ground game" can work with the World Bank in a number of ways and funding can be provided for jointly identified activities.

Netherlands, Sittard

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