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Our goal is to bring education and hiring to a new level of collaboration and trust.

Idea: we are a building a two-sided platform (SAM: 40 b $, SOM: +1b $); and our idea consists of 3 steps: 1) outsource a software project from an NGO and give it to our students; 2) students work with the project with our PM's who organize their work and also assess each student; 3) we help students get their first job after once they are ready.

Business model: we have 3 revenue streams: 1) partner-companies pay us 1.5 * monthly salary if they hire our students (~7k $ per hire); 2) student pays 2.5k $ if he gets hired within 1 year by another company if his salary is more than average.

Our team: we are a team of 5 motivated founders, our expertise covers IT development, sales, design & one of us already has successful experience funding & selling startups in Silicon valley (participated in 500 startups accelerator).

Our offer: we are looking 30k € for 20% of our Shares.

Finland, Helsinki

Part of
Startupnight 2020