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kula - sustainable only sneaker and running shoes. We are community, shop and popup stores for people who want to buy with a clear conscience.

We all love sneakers. There are great innovative new brands that produce sustainable and stylish sneakers. We think these sneakers deserve much more attention and with kula we want to create a place where sustainable sneakers are in focus.

We could hardly believe ourselves. The worldwide annual production of running shoes alone consumes as much CO2 as the whole country of Spain in one year. With sneakers and running shoes from sustainable production this CO2 pollution can be significantly reduced. The more people change their buying behaviour, the "kula" our earth will remain.

With kula we want to create something that is fun and at the same time helps to protect our planet: A community for sustainable sneaker and running shoe lovers, a webshop and in future also pop-up stores in the city.

By buying sustainable sneakers people make a statement for sustainability, fair production and fair trade. All the brands are united by resource-saving production, the usage of sustainable materials and employees that are paid fair wages. By selling the sneakers, we and all our manufacturers also support exciting social projects.

Our goal is two gain a significant share of a 2,7 Billion Euro market in Germany alone. Our role model ist the retail brand "Snipes" making a turnover of about 800 million Euro per year worldwide with shops and online.

kula - die Welt ein kleines Schrittchen besser machen.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2020