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Happy Joe

A mobile, data-driven platform that makes a healthy diet easy. 

Happy Joe is an app that makes nutrition easy, accesible & rewards users for being healthy. If you are a millennial, working in London, it is too time-consuming, confusing & expensive to eat healthy food on the run, on a daily basis. 

Our app will simplify the complex nutrient data in our everyday on-the-go lunch meals, into basic 'Moods'. For example, "Gut Health', "Skin Glow", "Immune Booster". This is a pioneering, innovative approach & something we believe will be the future. It unlocks the power of food. We have the most granular level of data per meal (micronutrients & phytonutrients) to drive the user to that exact meal that will align to their selected 'Mood', dietary preferences & allergies. Along with our unique Mood to Food approach, we make it affordable to be healthy. For particular meals that hit our 'super health' parameters, we will give the user double loyalty points. The app makes the health conscious, healthy. 

In short, the revolutionary aspect of our idea is that it will reverse one of the greatest failures that the free markets & capitalism have done to the food system in making unhealthy food cheaper than healthy food. The same way Elon Musk saw a governmental error in a lack of funding for Renewable energy, we are witnessing a lack of investment into education on how to be healthy. This leads to an abundance of diet-related diseases. Happy Joe will assist in happier, healthier lives and potentially reduce the burden on the NHS and hospitals globally.

United Kingdom, London

Part of
Startupnight 2020