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greensens GmbH

Our sensors allow you to monitor the health of your plants through an app. You can exactly see how much water, light and temperature plants need.

Greensens offer sensors that allow you to monitor the health of your flowers and plants with data back over 5000 plants.
With the help of greensens you can connect up to 10 flower sensors to a hub and monitor their health and well-being through an app. You can see exactly how much water, light, and temperature your plant needs to be happy. Add your plant details to the app, insert a flower sensor into your pot, and get real-time updates. Receive notifications for when your plant needs watering, more sunlight, or a change in temperature. Flowers and plants live longer with the Greensens Flower Sensor, which is why you and your flowers will love it!

Germany, Wiesbaden

Part of
Startupnight 2020