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FORMATION empowers frontline workers through interactive maps of their workplace, thereby creating productivity gains among many other benefits. 

With FORMATION we aim to empower frontline workers to participate and benefit from digitalization. These deskless workers are 2.7 billion-person strong and makeup 80% of the total workforce, while to date, being not prioritized and therefore heavily underdigitalised. 

While there is an abundance of digital solutions for office workers ranging from Microsoft Teams to SAP and Slack, there is a lack of such solutions for frontline workers. Often enough they leave their digital superpower – their smartphone – unused to enter a pre-internet-age workplace. 

The current FORMATION app and platform provides a location-based all-in-one productivity tool for frontline workers. Workers can interact with all important aspects of their workplace; people, places and things. The main interface of the app is an interactive map of the workplace. On this map, workers can see their colleagues, mark meeting points, manage tasks, interact with machines, tools and objects. The App is currently running in paid pilots with industry corporations such as Bosch, Deutsche Bahn and Hella Aglaia. 

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2020