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Feniska is a Pet Tech startup that is determined to provide the best healthcare app and smart devices for cats and dogs.

There are 330 M cat and dog parents worldwide. And how many of those cats and dogs can talk? Zero. That means they are not able to tell us if something is wrong. Pets suffer in silence, and that's a problem. And that's the reason why it is essential to notice slight deviations in daily rhythms, toilet visits, eating habits, or sleeping patterns because these are conspicuous signs of disease. Could you do this manually? Yes. Do you have time to do it manually? Probably not. 

This is why we have created an intuitive healthcare app that can be paired with the unique Feniska Base. Simply place the base underneath your existing pet furniture. The Smart Base monitors real-time data and will track the weight change, resting time, and sleeping patterns of your cat or dog. The app keeps and provides all relevant health-related information, e.g digital patient record, monitoring of health data through the Feniska Base, reminders for check-ups, shots, and more.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2020