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Edutapps GmbH

Our App Maphi transforms analytical Mathematics into a fun game that anyone can understand. Try it now and see for yourself:!

Mathematics is one of the most important tools of science and has paved us the way into the modern age. Unfortunately, the current education system fails to teach mathematics properly as students cannot receive the individual tutoring and assistance they require. This leads to the false belief that they simply cannot understand math.

Powered by novel algorithms, we bring mathematical equations to life, allowing anyone to pick them up intuitively and discover the rules and transformations by themselves. An intelligent guiding system helps stuck users to find the solution they're looking for by giving useful assistance in the right moment. This allows students of any age to pick it up and start playing with mathematics right away.

Maphi can be used personally or in the classroom and proves that anyone can understand math. Try it now for free at!

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2020