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"The Gateway to find a job whilst travelling"
Our job is to connect international job seekers to recruiters worldwide.

260M migrants. We are talking about 3.5% of population.
For ages people are migrating, from less developed countries to more developed countries. Countries such as United States, United Arab Emirates and Germany are in a continuous need of talents. So why recruiters are desperate for international candidates while millions of job seekers are willing to relocate?

They are having issues in find each other.
We estimate that just in Europe there are more than 100 recruitment platforms in those 27 countries. Following a research, we find out the MAIN PROBLEM, they are not tailored to recruit internationally.

Hello, my name is Andrea, and I am a full-time dreamer and the founder of "The Gateway to find a job whilst travelling"

Our job is to connect international job seekers to recruiters worldwide. 
Our weapons are VIDEO CV – TRANSPARENCY - FEEDBACK – unique TOOLS FOR AGENCIES and a special attention to INCLUSION.
Our customers are companies any sized or recruitment agencies from all around the world.
There are some countries such as Cyprus, Malta and Gibraltar where to import workers is the only solution for any kind of vacancy.
Our persona 1 are people aged 18-25 who are not listed on the LinkedIn. We are online for a year, but our traction started to speed up in October, when doubled the number of our users.
Today we have more than 500 recruiters on board, users from 50 countries and jobs in 80.
Here you can see a list of partners and customers. In 2020 we had a turnover of 35k.
Our business model is simple, starting from a basic job post 30Euros, to the most advanced monthly membership 400E.

We are looking for an investment of 180k to grow our sales and Tt teams and reach a minimum of 30.000 users by the end of 2021 and the BEP in early 2022.

Our team is young and international, we have more than 10 years’ experience in HR and IT and experience in managing teams of hundreds.

Romania, Brasov

Part of
Startupnight 2020