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Wespa Gin GmbH

Ready-To-Drink Gin&Tonic #themixperience

With Wespa-Gin every party quickly reaches its climax: off to the bar, open the bottle and off you go - this simple and innovative concept is behind the name of the Salzburg-based company founded in 2017. Wespa-Gin quickly puts the party crowd in the mood without tedious prelude and with ten revolutions provides a satisfying pleasure of a special kind. The small, ready-mixed bottles are ready for use anytime and anywhere, all it takes is a little dexterity with the bottle opener. But not only the uncomplicated handling makes Wespa-Gin so incredibly sexy, because the product turns on with another special feature: The high-quality Gin Tonic, produced and bottled in Austria, is available in two flavors - the refreshing flavors of mint and raspberry are the highlight for everyone who wants a tingling taste orgasm.

Part of
Startupnight 2019