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Peace of Meat

Parallel cultured meat product pipelines with scientific partners across the globe, accelerating innovation and covering the entire value chain.

Peace of Meat is a cultured meat production company, consisting of multiple product pipelines focusing on a multitude of cultured meat products. The company is forging scientific and commercial partnerships to cover the entire value chain, to speed up research and production processes and to incentivize the industry in general. At the same time, Peace of Meat is developing a decentralized network of cultured meat factories around the world, supplying both local and global food demand (offering solutions for nutritional deficiencies). This exciting new startup with a unique business approach will be offering biobank and biomass products and services for cultured meat production purposes and is developing valuable food related IP by their own research and through their partnerships. Peace of Meat's first partner consortium is already active, focusing on cultured foie gras, expecting support by the Flemish government in the beginning of 2020.

Part of
Startupnight 2019