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Inprosperis e.U.

ELITE WATER caffeinated functional beverages

The biggest caveat of the caffeine consumption is to overcome its bitter taste that is usually masked by addition of sugar or sweeteners into coffee, tea, chocolate, soft and energy drinks. As a result, more than 60% of our daily intake of added sugars is consumed via caffeinated drinks and foods. We developed a unique, taste-neutral bitter blocking technology removing all traces of bitter taste of caffeine. When used properly, the final taste of the caffeinated drink is indistinguishable from a natural or sparkling water. Taste-neutral blocking of the bitter taste of caffeine exemplify a disruptive technology facilitating a tasty consumption of caffeine without addition of sugars or sweeteners. Based on this technology, we created ELITE WATER - a brand of healthy functional beverages without sugar or sweeteners but with a well-balanced formula containing caffeine, functional amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, blended in a unique composition to preserve the natural taste of water.

Part of
Startupnight 2019