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Cloud-based production management system that manages the manufacturing processes of SMEs in an simple, easy, and efficient way.

Fabrikator is a cloud-based manufacturing management software which facilitates the production and inventory management operations of small and medium enterprises. Thanks to Fabrikator, SMEs manage their manufacturing operations easily, effectively and quickly. Managing bill of materials, manufacturing cost analysis, and planning are the key features of Fabrikatör. As a cloud-based solution, it allows manufacturers to manage their production independently from the location and the device. Compared to existing complex solutions in the market which requires hardware and on premise solutions, Fabrikatör offers easy to use, flexible and industry agnostic cloud based turn key solution. Fabrikatör enables SMEs to save time and assets like labor, materials and funds by bringing control and transparency into the complex and unknown world of manufacturing. We believe in the value of democratising these digital services and potential of creating a greater impact in a larger scale of economics.

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