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Sugar is the new cigarette. Every third child out there is overweight or obese. Yearly economical damage through diabetes following cost is $800 billion. Sugar is literally killing us, but people still love their sweets! Zveetz is here to disrupt the confectionery industry. We created the sugar free fruit jelly with the greatest calorie reduction ever - worldwide! And this even though leading food technologists didn't believe, that it's impossible to achieve.

With our outstanding attribute, we're going to free mass-market candy products from sugar: 
- 100% sugar free, vegan 
- 49x less calories than regular fruit gummy & 28x less calories than other sugar free fruit gummy 
- No laxative effect compared to other sugar free products: Suitable for children 
- No impact on blood sugar level: Suitable for diabetics

No contract manufacturer could produce our product, so we created a lean manufacturing process, with which we can scale rapidly everywhere in the world

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