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XAIN is building an intelligent, energy-efficient and user centric digital infrastructure to enable meaningful collaboration between humans, organizations and devices. We solve the cybersecurity threats going hand in hand with the increasing amount of N-to-N connections. To achieve that we are developing a blockchain-agnostic access control protocol. This protocol enables machine owners to regain the driver seat over their data. XAIN is primarily focussing on the automotive sector where we want to enable the owner of the car to decide when and with whom different sets of data should be shared. Besides data, different permissions to engage with the car can also be given and taken by the owner. 
This opens up a variety of use cases. From different delivery services to the trunks car, enabled through a one time permission for the delivery personnel, to telematic insurances and insurances on demand or even a car log book to track the actual milage.


Part of
Startupnight 2018