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Tracks is an inclusive young tech-startup, based in Berlin, serving the road freight / trucking industry. Tracks will be one of the first platooning service providers in Europe and the world, making trucking safer, cleaner, more efficient, and fair. Our ambition is to nurture a culture of performance, empowerment, and ownership.

Platooning occurs when two or more trucks drive very closely in each other’s slipstreams to reduce wind resistance. Platooning reduces fuel consumption, CO₂ emissions, accident rates, and roadway congestion. It will boost the profitability of road freight carriers, but it carries a coordination cost. Tracks will generate revenue by absorbing the complexity and coordination costs for a fee.

Tracks'​ services will facilitate real-time matchmaking among platoon-capable trucks, credible context-aware fuel benchmarking, and balancing financial transactions to share the benefits fairly among platoon participants.

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