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timum GmbH

timum automates the coordination of appointments between service providers, sales agents and their prospects (B2B). 
This kick-off solution for online transactions of service businesses served 5,300 active users so far and coordinated appointments for more than 100,000 people. As check-out plugin it enables servicers to provide 24/7 booking-accessibility and leverages their online sales. This e.g. means up to 90% effort reduction and perfect process control for property managers. It optimizes capacity utilization, due to reduction of no-shows and re-assignment of free timeslots. 
The plugin digitalization for resource allocation in property management and facility management perfectly complements existing processes and tool chains. As SaaS and API timum integrates with CRM and ERP systems as well as web platforms and even proprietary interfaces. timum exceptionally covers multiple processes of the real estate industry and provides massive impact to process efficiency and quality.

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