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Synfioo GmbH

Synfioo was founded in Potsdam in 2015 and emerged from a three-year logistics research project at the Hasso Plattner Institute (University of Potsdam). The concept for Synfioo's services has been developed and tested since 2012 at the HPI in the EU-funded "GET Service" project in cooperation with renowned partners from industry and academia. Synfioo's software enables intermodal real-time supply chain monitoring, that dynamically calculates the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). Using artificial intelligence and self-learning algorithms, the software reliably predicts the arrival time while taking into account disruptive factors such as traffic jams, border controls, strikes or bad weather. As part of the SAP-IoT-Startup-Accelerator, Synfioo was given the opportunity to work together with SAP, its customers, and gained access to the SAP ecosystem. Recently, Synfioo has been integrated as the first partner on the platform of RIO, the digital brand of Volkswagen Truck & Bus.

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